Performance Marketing

My entry into the world of performance marketing began in 2007, following the birth of my son and the rite of passage experience of being flung headlong into the frankly baffling world of so-called “essential” baby purchases.  After spending inordinate amounts of time cross-referencing parent and editorial opinions on websites, forums and in baby magazines, I decided that there had to be a simpler way and a market for clear, no-nonsense review websites which help parents and parents-to-be negotiate these waters with their sanity and life-savings intact.

About Best PramAnd so, in May 2008, I re-launched Something Beautiful with the first of what is now a growing network of blogs and review websites, primarily in the baby and child sector, the most successful of which occupies multiple number 1 positions on google for its chosen keywords.

The websites are completely free to use with the aim of providing news, reviews and up-to-date information to help visitors source the product of their choice at the cheapest possible price. When the first site took off, and demanded ever-increasing amounts of time to keep it up-to-date and relevant, I began researching ways to fund the site without compromising the very editiorial objectvity which made it successful and resonate with its intended market in the first place. Hence entering the world of performance marketing (also known as affiliate marketing) and embarking on a revenue model where the sites receive a small commission on any sales our links generate.

Not all retailers pay us commission, and – as a company – we make every effort to include all relevant links regardless of any affiliation, which allows us to continue with our mission of providing visitors with a balanced and comprehensive range of product information. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships and the price our visitors pay is exactly the same regardess of whether they follow our links or visit the sites independently.

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