Louise, owner of Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful started life in 2003 as a luxury handmade wedding stationery business, which grew solely on recommendation and served over 400 happy couples over a three year period – a hugely successful and rewarding period of my life, which came to a sad but natural end in June 2007 with the birth of my son.

Performance Marketing

In 2008, in a bid to achieve a more family-friendly working pattern after my return from maternity leave,  Something Beautiful was relaunched as an online performance marketing company (also known as affiliate marketing), with the launch of a network of blog and review websites, primarily in the baby and child sector, the most successful of which continues to occupy multiple number 1 positions on google for its chosen keywords.

Freelance Marketing & Design Consultancy

With a degree in Communications and Media, and a 7 year career as the Area Communications Manager for a large, national company, Something Beautiful evolved again in 2008 with the successful launch of a small freelance marketing and design consultancy, which I have run concurrently with my performance marketing ventures for the past 10 years.  In order to ensure a happy work/life balance, this consultancy serves just 4 long-term clients with no plans to expand it beyond this number, but I feel incredibly proud and privileged to help these businesses change, adapt and innovate to respond to each new challenge and opportunity they face.

Data Cleansing & Validation

2014 saw the launch of our Data Cleansing and Validation service, where we utilise a variety of data processing techniques to clean, update and validate consumer and customer data files, thus improving the quality and hygiene of individual data records. The data cleanse service is headed by myself, backed by a team of highly skilled developers and analysts to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality and  most cost-effective, timely service to our clients.

2018 and beyond

At the time of writing, our family has grown and our now 10 year old son has a partner in crime in the form of a 5 year old sister, and things at Something Beautiful have never been busier.

I love my job, the people I work with and for, and feel incredibly blessed to have created a small, happy nook of the internet all of my own which gives me the time and freedom to not only build my own dream businesses, but to also help others build theirs, all whilst doing the most important job of all – being Mummy.

Thank you for reading, and for your interest in my company.



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